Treatment 2

Osteopathy is a statutorily regulated profession which means that only those who have met the requirements of the governing body, in this case the General Osteopathic Council, may call themselves Osteopaths.

Osteopathy is a form of health care which combines a detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology with an holistic approach to care. Primarily focusing on the tailored diagnosis, treatment and management of acute-chronic musculoskeletal complaints.

A standard new patient treatment involves taking a detailed case history, a postural and movement analysis which along with the information gained during the case history informs a bespoke diagnosis. A tailored treatment plan is then created based on the diagnosis. Osteopathic techniques such as massage, joint mobilisations, muscle stretches and manipulatons may be used. Treatment is always discussed with patients beforehand and during the consultation.

Additional information:

Patients may be asked to “dress down” so that the symptomatic area is visible. This enables a more accurate functional diagnosis. Please dress in sensible clothes, for example: a sports bra and shorts for ladies and shorts for the gentlemen.